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Dumber than a bowl of mice.

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6/10/10 11:21 am - Because you asked for it.

More dinosaurs:

Phil made me use watercolours. I was on the verge of tears the WHOLE TIME.

6/9/10 11:38 am - Natchy Histomine


Sorry Kate

We went to the Natural History Museum when we were in New York and have had dinosaurs on the brain ever since.

5/15/10 12:18 pm - Pig Boy of the Ocean's latest adventure



Send me an email (britt@brittwilson.com) if you would like this in mini-comic form. It's really mini, 3x3", so I will give you my address, and my paypal address and you can mail me a self-addressed, stamped envelope (with the right amount of postage for where you live) and I will pop it in there, and send it right back to you for the low cost of $2! whoa, that's nuts, Britt, totally nuts.

Not really, guys, I don't expect anyone will actually want them.

5/14/10 11:46 am - TCAF report, Vikings took over my life, and a mouse is squatting in my stove.

The only photo I took at TCAF. I fell down on my documenting job again. But it IS one HELL of a photo:

I guess the rest of the images I have to show you are pretty big, so you'd better jump under this cut
for vikings and mouse aftermath CLICK HERECollapse )

Well, that's all I gots for you. Tune in next time for more...whatever.

4/28/10 12:14 am - I am too busy to draw comics for you. Please just suck it up and stop yer whining.


Lots of things on the drawing board. In the form of COMICS.
Also, our cacti are totally fucked up.

4/24/10 11:07 pm - You have been waiting so patiently.

I am showing you my first batch of commissions! They have been mailed out, and I think most have been received. If I am spoiling the surprise I apologize (but only a little).

Photo 424
I somehow forgot to scan this. OR as I suspect is more likely I saved it somewhere stupid and will never find the file again. Another one is also missing, but I don't even have a stupid photobooth picture of it. It involved a wonderful lady riding a cat. You would have loved it.



This one probably hasn't arrived yet, and I am worried that this is not what he wanted at all and yet at the same time, whatever. When you ask me for Cruella and puppies, this is what you get. Moral of the day: Be specific.


Can't forget this guy, drawn for the Hey Oscar Wilde it's Clobberin' Time blog. QUIZ TIME: Can you guess who it is (it is really easy).


4/24/10 09:11 pm - This is fucking wicked.

Guys, I get to draw a comic about this:

The Rage of Egil

At the beginning of winter, a large number of people held a ball-game. They came from all over the district. Egil, who was seven years old then, drew as his opponent a boy called Grim, who was eleven or twelve and strong for his age. When they played, Egil proved the weaker. He left the game, and the boys laughed at him. Egil went looking for Thord Granison, the young and very promising son of Grani of Granistead, and told him what had happened. Thord said, “I’ll go with you and we’ll get our own back on him.” Thord handed him a skeggax [one-handed ax]. They walked to where the boys were playing. Egil leapt at Grim and drove the ax into his head so that it penetrated the brain.

I am so fucking happy.

4/21/10 01:24 am - I am high on varnish fumes.


It is leaking through the WALLS.

Also I am going to marry the doctor at the walk-in clinic I went to on Sunday. If you're reading this doc, we are engaged now. Don't marry anyone else.

4/9/10 11:11 am - Snap

I'm only 3 days late on this week's comic.

april 7 11

april 7 22

In other news, I got a little mention over at drawn.ca (and shat my pants about it) where they made a little mention of my SECRET PROJECT, which is no longer a secret.

The amazing Robin McConnell has been kind enough to let me do TWO paintings for him, (say what!) and this one is the second. It will be in a gallery show in Vancouver in the fall, where it can be BOUGHT. FOR MONEYS.

That's it man, all my secrets are out. You know everything. *sigh* The mystery is gone, and now we'll never have sex, and you'll leave me for a 12 year-old boy who had his teeth knocked out playing hockey.

I hate you.

3/31/10 11:16 pm - I cook naked.



I really just like having the OPTION of cooking naked.

Here are some of the photos I took with my mom when she came over:


Photo 447

Also, I finally 1/2 assed finished that drawing I started for Phil's contest (way to be on the ball Britt...)

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